The first step to ensure success in your projects is through the right training. Sorbus Information Technology plans training programs for institutions, especially public institutions and organizations and other large-scale organizations, with training on the use, planning, structuring and management of the latest information technologies

We organize training organizations that will enable businesses to work efficiently and motivated by the experience we have in different sectors.

It is very important to understand how the architect is being used to execute the process.

Specialization: Our competent training programs enable you to prepare your workforce in order to run your business healthier.

Support: We can apply to our expert trainers to design, develop and deliver flexible, scalable, site-specific operations and maintenance training.

Communication Plans: Adapt and reinforce key messages with your user base and leadership

One-to-One and Small-Group Mentoring: We provide training for end users, managers and company owners.

Customized Training Sessions: We provide live or registered training for field expertise.